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The Science Behind ICOONE Treatment

With modern medical advancements, you have multiple ways to treat your body. However, the secret of beauty lies in a natural approach. And, it isn’t easy to find such devices which naturally treat the body.

One such device which follows natural technology is ICOONE. It is a treatment that uses electronic pulses to massage the skin. This massage helps to improve blood circulation, which in turn helps to smoothen skin and reduce wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Are you interested in knowing the science behind ICOONE treatment and how the ICOONE device works? Read on to learn how this wonderful device can help you achieve your beauty goals!


Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a reconstructive surgeon with exceptional expertise in connective tissue structure, served as the impetus for the ICOONE device innovation.

Dr. Guimberteau proposed that the skin should be thought of as a living organ with a subcutaneous tissue, made up of a network of microvacuoles that are arranged in a chaotic, fragmented fashion. Microvacuoles serve as the fundamental structural element of the tissue.

Traditionally, the skin is described as a structure of layers stacked upon each other. This innovative idea radically displaces the conventional understanding that the skin is made up of a layer of tissues. Based on this approach, a new technique was developed by Itech Industries to reconstruct and organize the skin structures, which was called ICOONE.


The ICOONE is a massage therapy based on the principle of Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS) which is applied through a patented Roboderm® technology. In MMAS, multiple pulses from the Roboderm machine are sent to target specific micro-vacuoles of the skin for getting the desired results. This is done through a series of micro holes in the ICOONE hand pieces, which are rubbed against the skin.

To understand it better, let’s look at how the ICOONE machine works.

Construction of ICOONE Machine

The machine consists of a central body to which three hand pieces are attached. There are two identical hand pieces termed called the Robotwins and a larger hand piece, Robosolo. Within each hand piece, there is a central suction chamber with two rollers. Each of the two Robotwin has 132 holes and while Robosolo has 156 holes.

Figure: ICOONE Machine (Roboderm)

When the machine is turned on, and hand pieces are rubbed on the skin, suction is applied by the chamber as well as the rollers depending upon the technique you are undergoing. However, the devices are technically designed such that no portion of the skin is pulled or lifted in folds rather it is stimulated point by point.

Since the hand pieces have two rollers and a suction chamber, the stimulation takes place at three regions simultaneously. The two rollers/microstimulators complement each other covering the side surfaces. While the chamber covers the middle region. These simulators cover every inch of skin, no matter how small the area is. They generate up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute.

These triple suctioning hand pieces equalize the pressure on the skin and give the client a pleasant and natural experience. Moreover, since the hand piece is automated, the fatigue of the operator is reduced.


ICOONE is a non-invasive solution to clear all types of skin imperfections such as removing pale skin and scars, body shaping, face, and breast lifts. In all types of treatments, the same Roboderm technology is used for these treatments. However, the science behind each is different.

Removing Pale Skin

For this particular program, the target is pale skin. ICOONE improves lymphatic drainage and ensures a smooth blood supply throughout the body. As a result, your skin gets fresh and paleness gets off.

Body Shaping

For body shaping, the target is fat in your body. The technical term for that is adipose tissue. Traditionally, the fat is removed by cavitation, lipolytic and surgical procedures. The other alternative is ICOONE, which activates the microsimulations and stimulates the removal of fatty acids.


The connective tissue of our skin contains a protein called collagen. This protein ensures structure, support, and strength. Another protein called elastin is responsible for the elasticity of our skin.

As we age, less collagen and elastin are produced by our body. Consequently, the connective tissue becomes thinner and weak; and wrinkles are formed. The ICOONE treatment stimulates the production of collagen restoring the compactness and strength of your skin.

Face, Cleavage, and Breast Lift

Most women are interested in the beautification of their silhouette; either looking for cleavage, face, or lifts. Clinically, that is done through different surgical procedures. However, through the ICOONE massage treatment, we can improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and enhance the tissue’s elasticity. All these factors contribute to the desired changes you want in your body.

Acne and Burn Scars Removal

Acne is quite common in teenagers and it usually results in scars on the face that are not a pleasant sight. In the ICOONE treatment, polishing of skin channels takes place which stimulates the growth of new skin cells and the removal of the old ones.


After knowing the science behind this treatment, here are a few facts to clear some of the misconceptions that people have regarding ICOONE treatment.
  1. ICOONE doesn’t directly cause weight loss. However, it restores the tissue function of slimming.
  2. ICOONE cannot replace all types of surgical treatments. However, it can serve as a better alternative in some cases.
  3. If the patient isn’t actively involved during the treatment process, desired results cannot be obtained.

Benefits of ICOONE Treatment

Lastly, here are some key benefits of ICOONE treatment.

  1. Non-invasive for skin imperfections (Removing Pale Skin, Acne, Burns, Fat Reduction).
  2. Improved blood circulation through the body.
  3. Only technology using advanced Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation.
  4. The device is designed to produce results naturally.

Final Words

ICOONE treatment is a safe and effective way to achieve your beauty goals. If you are interested in this treatment, we encourage you to talk to your dermatologist or aesthetician about whether ICOONE treatment is right for you.

A banner featuring blog entitled "The Science Behind ICOONE Treatment".

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