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Laser And Waxing
Exfoliate, nourish, and balance for hair-free, smooth skin

Long Island Laser And Waxing Treatments

Blue Water Spa offer a series of unique rejuvenating treatments to balance, stimulate and intensely nourish the skin through waxing, laser and other services your skin will love.

Waxing is the process of hair removal; we use strip wax to effectively remove the hair from the root. At Blue Water Spa, we only utilize top-quality materials that are designed to avoid irritating sensitive skin. We employ a cream-based strip wax that is designed for delicate and sensitive skin. We use all-natural wax that is wonderful for all skin types, a natural antioxidant, and an excellent emollient. After the waxing procedure is complete, we use an after waxing oil that relaxes, calms, and removes wax residue. The skin is prepared with an oil to protect the skin from the wax.

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Why Do You Need These Treatments?

Waxing has numerous advantages over other hair removal methods. It is a practical way to get rid of a lot of hair at once. It is a method that lasts a long time because hair won’t grow back in waxed places for two to eight weeks. Hair is cut off at the surface rather than the hair root when it is shaved or removed with depilatory lotion. The hair may return to the surface after a few days. These techniques frequently result in hair growing back as coarse stubble. Areas that have been waxed often over an extended period of time frequently show softer regrowth. Let us offer you hair-free, smooth skin!

Benefits Of These Treatments

Eliminate ingrown hair – The worst type of hair is an ingrown hair, however laser removal can treat them. Ingrown hairs can be best targeted since the laser concentrates on the hair bulbs. In order to achieve smoother skin, it removes hair from the roots.

Get gentle exfoliation – Waxing removes the topmost layer of skin, making your skin feel softer and more radiant, but exfoliating is different than waxing.

No more cuts and itching – You may say good-bye to razors and accidental skin cuts. If the blades are overly sharp or you’re not paying attention while shaving, you could gravely hurt yourself. Get the professional help with convenience.

Flawless Laser & Waxing


It is key to follow some suggested rules after completing the waxing procedure for avoiding any kind of adverse effects. Avoid the below activities for a day after the procedure:

Any heated temperature activities like steam rooms, saunas, sunbathing, hot showers, etc.


Sweat-inducing strenuous activities and swimming.


Rubbing or massaging the treatment regions and wearing tight clothes.


Use of anybody spray, cream, or deodorants in the target site.

Laser And Waxing FAQs

How long does the hair need to be in order to wax?

In the area where you intend to wax, your hair needs to be at least ¼ inch. That’s about the length of a grain of rice. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks of not shaving (bikini area) for hair to grow to this length. Hair that is shorter is not long enough to get “stuck” in the wax and be pulled out. If there’s any question, we can always try a test strip as some people can be waxed at less than ¼ inch.

Is there anything I can do to make waxing hurt less?

Some clients find that taking an ibuprofen before their treatment helps a little. Also, allowing the hair to grow a little longer than the required ¼ inch can help a little by reducing the amount of times we need to go over the area. Once you’ve begun waxing, the one thing you can do to reduce the pain is to STAY ON SCHEDULE with your appointments.

How long does waxing last?

In the beginning, you may experience more growth and random hairs popping up in the 1-2 weeks after your appointment than you would after waxing for a few months. Once you have been waxing for 3-6 months, you experience around 2 weeks free of hair with 1-2 weeks of some random hairs beginning to pop up and then proceeding to reach ¼ inch (bikini area). Most people are ready to wax again at about 4 weeks for bikini, 5 for backs, around 3 for legs (lower) and underarms, 2-5 for facial hair, upper legs 4-6 weeks. These are generalizations/estimates. It depends how long you have been waxing, how many active hair follicles you have, your after care, whether or not you’re shaving in between, the texture of your hair and how fast it grows, etc.

Does body waxing cause hair to re-grow thicker?

No. This is a complete myth. Waxing, in fact, is know to actually stop hair growth all together in some cases. It is important to keep in mind though that waxing should be used as a temporary hair removal method as the slowing or stopping of hair growth takes many years of consistent waxing.


“Bringing my teenage son who is experiencing severe acne. The spa is incredibly inviting and the esthetician Tatiana who is working with him is super attentive. The fact that my son, who was resistant to even using a toner at home, is now asking to go back for follow up facials says it all. Wonderful place.”



“Incredible service – a 5 star experience from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. Staff is so knowledgeable and Rachel is one of the best there is when it comes to skin care. Never pushes products on you either! Love this place.”


Tricia P.S

“I had the Jet Peel facial with Allie. It was wonderful. She has great hands. I walked out glowing. I’ve used Blue Water Spa many times. If you’re looking for a special place that is clean, pretty and quiet – Blue Water Spa is it! They offer all kinds of facials and body treatments. They are knowledgeable on all the new skin care practices. I’m looking forward to my next visit.”


Tina S.

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