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Rachel and other aesthetic experts discuss which eye creams are best for reducing and brightening dark circles.

Discover the secret to finding the best sunscreen for acne-prone skin with expert advice from Rachel and others.

Get expert advice from Rachel Lozina and others about the best things to bring for the perfect spa day.

Our magnificent owner, Rachel Lee Lozina is featured as Spa & Beauty Today's August 2023 Beauty Boss.

Get expert advice from Rachel Lozina and others about the best things to bring for the perfect spa day.

Look better than ever without spending a ton of money with some of Rachel's favorite cheap beauty products.

Learn all about facials, how to use them, and who they're for with our resident expert, Rachel Lee Lozina.

Rachel and other experts reveal some of the best beauty products on Amazon that won't break the bank.

Learn all about face masks and discover which ones Rachel recommends for the best skin tightening results.

Discover expert beauty secrets and learn Rachel's go-to product to reduce puffiness and boost lymphatic drainage.

In this article, Rachel explains the relaxing, stress-reducing beauty benefits lavender provides from head to toe.

Hear experts like Rachel discuss the endless benefits of reflexology for the mind, body, and soul.

Achieve plumper, more youthful skin with expert recommendations from Licensed Esthetician Rachel Lee Lozina.

Rachel gives her expert take on how to reduce puffiness and brighten and improve the appearance of tired eyes.

Rachel and others provide expert hair removal advice to help you achieve smooth, silky skin from home.

Discover expert-approved self-tanners and see which self-tanning product Rachel recommends most.

Rachel joins other top aestheticians to discuss what they can learn about someone by looking at their skin.

Rachel and others provide their expert opinion about the best-selling cleanser on Amazon.

Rachel breaks down the facts about makeup removes and recommends the 13 best options for healthier skin.

Experts like Rachel explain the 12 warning signs that you might be about to experience a bad facial.

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