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Treat Mom (and you!) to a Spa Day at Blue Water Spa.

Benefits of under-eye patches, and which ones are the best, according to Rachel and other experts.

Rachel Lozina and other beauty experts weigh in on Micellar Water for your skin.

Why you should add Hypochlorous Acid to your skin care routine, according to Rachel and other derms.

Choosing a hand soap that’s right for you, as advised by licensed esthetician, Rachel Lozina.

What you should know about Electrolysis for permanent hair removal, from Rachel and other experts.

Rachel Lozina weighs in on when you should start using anti-aging products.

New York Spa Guide: The Best NYC Spas.

Discover the best sheet masks of 2024, tested by beauty experts like Rachel Lozina.

Rachel advises on how to find the best mineral sunscreens for your face.

Up your skincare game with LED and infrared light at home. Rachel says it's a win-win!

Indluge in the vitamin-intensive Environ Facial at Blue Water Spa.

Learn How to remove chin hair safely from Rachel and other experts.

Learn what to look for (and avoid) in a self-tanner for your face from Rachel Lozina and others.

Rachel and other experts help you choose a hair removal cream that's right for you

Find the best face exfoliators for your skin with help from experts like Rachel Lozina.

Natural at-home scar remedies: top dermatologists, like Rachel Lozina, reveal the safest ones.

Red light therapy benefits and which device may be right for you according to Rachel and other experts.

Rachel and other experts share with us their favorite eye creams for puffiness.

Brazilian Wax vs. Bikini Wax. What you need to know from Rachel Lozina and other beauty industry leaders.

Which red light therapy device is best for you? Rachel and other experts weigh in.

An image featuring EliteDaily blog: Beauty Experts Say These Are The 50 Weirdest things on Amazon under $35.

The weirdest, most clever beauty items on Amazon under $35, according to Rachel and other beauty experts.

An image featuring BestLife blog: 13 Best Under-Eye Patches for Wrinkles According to Skincare Pros.

Skincare pros, like Rachel Lozina, list the 13 best under-eye patches for wrinkles.

An image featuring AskMen blog: What Is Dry Brushing? Experts say this practice has lots of Health benefits.

Rachel Lozina and other experts go over the health benefits of dry brushing.

An image featuring Bustle blog: Beauty Experts & Stylists Are Obsessed With These 40 Weird, cheap things on Amazon.

Rachel and other beauty experts share their weird, cheap obsessions from Amazon.

An image featuring Woman's World blog: Dry Brushing Your Skin Fights Cellulite & Leaves you Glowing: How to Get the Perks.

How to get the perks of dry brushing, as told by Rachel Lozina and other experts.

An image featuring People blog: Best Self-Tanners of 2024, Tested and Reviewed.

Find the best self-tanner for you as recommended by Rachel Lee Lozina and other experts.

An image featuring Byrdie blog: 9 Ways to Lessen the Appearance of Upper Lip Hair.

Sugaring and other methods for lessening the appearance of upper lip hair from Rachel Lozina and other experts.

An image featuring First for Women blog: Feel a pimple coming on? Top Dermatologist Reveals How these Stickers can make it disappear Fast.

How do pimple patches work? Rachel Lee Lozina and other experts explain the science behind the handy little stickers.

An image featuring RealSimple blog: Emu Oil is trending in Skin care-But what is it?

Explore the Emu Oil skin care trend with expert advice from Rachel Lee Lozina and others!

An image featuring a Spa and Beauty blog: Spa Profile-Blue Water Spa

Spa & Beauty Today learns more about which treatments to try, insider tips, and more from Blue Water Spa's Rachel Lozina.

An image featuring a Live That Glow blog: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Lactic Acid.

Everything you need to know about using Lactic Acid from Licensed Aesthetician, Rachel Lee Lozina, and other experts!

An image featuring a Woman's World blog: The Key to Healthy, younger-looking skin? Dermatologists say it's probiotics-Here's how to get the benefits.

Find out how to tap into the healing powers of probiotics for skin health from Rachel Lee Lozina and other experts.

An image featuring a Forbes article entitled, Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Last-Minute Spa Gifts From Around The World.

Check out these great last-minute Spa Gifts including the Blue Water Spa Supracor Dual-Sided Mitt.

An image featuring an Elle blog: 20 Best Face Exfoliators for a Soft, Smooth Complexion.

Unveil a soft, smooth complexion with advice from Rachel Lozina and other skincare specialists.

An image that featuring an article of Live That Glow.

Discover exactly how to apply retinol with advice from Rachel and other pros.

An image featuring a blog: 14 Best exfoliating gloves, according to an Expert and Rave Reviews.

A guide to choosing the best exfoliating gloves for full-body exfoliation according to expert, Rachel Lozina.

An image showing 4 products with a title 21 Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles, According to Experts.

Rachel and other aesthetic experts discuss which eye creams are best for reducing and brightening dark circles.

An image featuring a Real Simple blog: How often Should you Use Retinol? Here's what dermatologists Say.

Learn more about using prescription retinoids from licensed esthetician, Rachel Lee Lozina.

An image showing an article published entitled The Ultimate Spa Day Packing List.

Get expert advice from Rachel Lozina and others about the best things to bring for the perfect spa day.

An image featuring an article published entitled Beauty Boss: Rachel Lozina, Esthetician and founder of Blue Water Spa.

Our magnificent owner, Rachel Lee Lozina is featured as Spa & Beauty Today's August 2023 Beauty Boss.

An image showing a banner of a blog entitled, Editor's Picks: 8 Top Sunscreens for Acne-Prone Skin

Discover the secret to finding the best sunscreen for acne-prone skin with expert advice from Rachel and others.

An image featuring a SheFinds article entitled "4 Skin-Tightening Face Masks Dermatologists Swear By For Instant Younger Looking Skin".

Learn all about face masks and discover which ones Rachel recommends for the best skin tightening results.

An image featuring a Women's Health blog: "The Six Main Types of Facials-And Who They're Best For".

Learn all about facials, how to use them, and who they're for with our resident expert, Rachel Lee Lozina.

An image featuring a TZR article entitled "Beauty Experts Swear by These Cheap Things That Make You Look so Much Better".

Look better than ever without spending a ton of money with some of Rachel's favorite cheap beauty products.

An image featuring a NewBeauty article entitled "8 Surprising Benefits of Reflexology".

Hear experts like Rachel discuss the endless benefits of reflexology for the mind, body, and soul.

An image featuring a blod entitled: "Beauty Experts Use These Cheap Tricks to Make themselves look 10x Better-& You can Easily Do Them Too".

Discover expert beauty secrets and learn Rachel's go-to product to reduce puffiness and boost lymphatic drainage.

An image featuring a Bustle article entitled "Experts Say that of All the Cheap, Popular Beauty Products on Amazon, These are Worth the Hype".

Rachel and other experts reveal some of the best beauty products on Amazon that won't break the bank.

An image featuring a Shape article entitled "Master Hair Removal at Home Like a Pro".

Rachel and others provide expert hair removal advice to help you achieve smooth, silky skin from home.

An image featuring a Beauty article entitled "How to Plump Your Skin-Without Filler".

Achieve plumper, more youthful skin with expert recommendations from Licensed Esthetician Rachel Lee Lozina.

An image of Beauty article entitled "8 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Lavender".

In this article, Rachel explains the relaxing, stress-reducing beauty benefits lavender provides from head to toe.

An image featuring InStyle article entitled "Amazon's Best-Selling Cleanser from the K-Beauty Brand Emily Ratajkowski Uses is over 30% OFF".

Rachel and others provide their expert opinion about the best-selling cleanser on Amazon.

An image featuring a People article entitled "The 18 Best Self-Tanners of 2023, Tested and Reviewed".

Discover expert-approved self-tanners and see which self-tanning product Rachel recommends most.

An image featuring a SheFinds article entitled "Skincare Experts Explain How to Brighten and De-Puff Your Eyes with Products you Already Have at Home".

Rachel gives her expert take on how to reduce puffiness and brighten and improve the appearance of tired eyes.

An image of a Huff Post article entitled 12 Warning signs You're About to Get a Bad Facial, According to Aestheticians.

Experts like Rachel explain the 12 warning signs that you might be about to experience a bad facial.

An image featuring a HuffSpot article entitled "What your Aesthetician Knows About You After Just One Facial".

Rachel joins other top aestheticians to discuss what they can learn about someone by looking at their skin.

An image of ReportWire article entitled "I Don't Usually Use Makeup-Remover Wipes, But I Recommend These 13 in a Pinch."

Rachel breaks down the facts about makeup removes and recommends the 13 best options for healthier skin.

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